🗓️ Sept. 7th Live Demo and Q&A webinar for advanced users

Thursday, September 7th 2023 - 13:00 PM EST (19:00 CET)

@Tim & @Ben, CTOs and co-founders of Tape

It’s important to keep your Tape organization structured and organized so that everything runs smoothly. This session will cover best practices and tips for creating workflow automations and calculation fields that work for your company. We’ll also guide you on keeping things logical and neat, especially as your company scales.

Why’d Tape do stuff differently? And what’s the upside? Let’s deep dive into:
:point_right: Workflow automation
:point_right: Calculation field
:point_right: Execute script
:point_right: Development process

Advanced users like admins, Tape partners, calculation field enthusiasts, and workflow automation experts

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My calendar for 2023 Semptember 9th is Saturday,
September 7th is Thursday.
Was there a typo?


great job @tomaz - thanks for the hint

Thursday, September 7th 2023

looking forward to this!


Status Update:
over 10 top-class registrants on board

Invitation Link:
we’ll be sending it out on Wednesday, a day before the event starts.

Can’t wait to catch up with you all!

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less than 5 hours to go!

Already registered? You should have the event link in your email inbox.

Considering a last-minute join? No worries, hop in here :point_right: Tape event

Can’t wait to connect with you…
…See you in just a few hours!


What a good event!

The Q&A session was filled with great questions and comments that truly energized us.
We had so much fun. All the positive vibes motivate us to make Tape even better, day by day.

Here's a brief event overview with links:


1.) Welcome to everyone
2.) Top 5 most used automation hacks from the Tape team [5 Mins.]
3.) Showcase: some automation highlights [15 Mins.]
4.) Guide: generate code with ChatGPT [10 Mins.]
5.) A peek under the hood [5 Mins.]
6.) Submitted topics [5 Mins.]
7.) Q&A [35 Mins.]

More details on the topics:

2.) Top 5 most used automation hacks from the Tape team

  • Click on “flow” in “record activity” to navigate to the automation
  • Navigate from automation to record
  • Keyboard shortcut (save automation, undo, or redo)
  • Click on “action” in “automation run sidebar” for auto-scroll
  • Use cmd/ctrl + space for variable menu
  • Monaco editor in full screen - Monaco hacks
    – Auto-formatting of code
    – Multi-cursor
    – auto-completion Tape API

3.) Showcase: some automation highlights

4.) Guide: generate code with ChatGPT

6.) Submitted topics

  • “Execute script”
    :white_check_mark: Showcase demonstrates examples (plus new community showcases)

  • “Roadmap and Reporting updates”
    :white_check_mark: Demonstrated live in 5.) A Peek Under the Hood

  • “Possibility of integrating a digital signature api with Tape” (contracts and proposals)
    :white_check_mark: New Guide available here: ✍️ Digital Signatures (E-signing) with PandaDoc + Tape Automations

  • “Best practice regarding calc vs script in automation.”
    :white_check_mark: Search for “calculation field best practice” - where a community member already asked and got an explanation from Tape team: [✅ Solution] Calculation fields best practices? - #3 by Tim

  • “Can we format markdown/HTML with tokens using the calc fields in automation”
    :white_check_mark: New Guide available here: Using and composing URL strings in calculation fields and workflow automations

  • “Information about HTTP calls, external API integrations, and how to use Tape’s workflow automation tool to manipulate JSON”
    :white_check_mark: Kindly check existing guides (showcases section in the community):
    – PandaDoc E-Signature
    – Mautic integration
    – Connect OpenAI
    – Create QR codes in Tape
    If questions remain regarding a real use case, just add a community question

Thanks again to all. We have added a badge to everyone’s community profile. If you haven’t received a badge yet, please let us know, it seems we weren’t able to assign badges to all participants.

The event was a wonderful time, and we enjoyed talking to you all. Given the positive response, we are already setting the stage for the next one in October. We can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Thanks for being into it. Happy building. :blue_heart:


Whatever that Monaco thing is, Please have it also in the calculation fields (or at least some “Monaco” if its not possible to implement all of it!)


Join the October even here :point_right: 🗓️ Oct. 12th Live Demo and Q&A webinar for advanced users

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Hello hello Ben!
I’m excited I finally could join you all here. I’m RJ from the meeting. Can’t wait for the next one!! :raised_hands:

Thanks for the hard work guys!! Keep it up!!

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Hi @R.J

Welcome to the community! We’re very happy to have you join us. :tada:

Our next event is already scheduled, and you can find all the details here: 🗓️ Oct. 12th Live Demo and Q&A webinar for advanced users

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Hi @Ben,
Amazing!! Gonna check it out now!!

Thanks a lot.

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@Ben Done!! :white_check_mark:

Looking forward to join you all again!!

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