▶️ Showcase 7 - Send invoices as PDFs via email using dynamic tables


How to use workflow automation with dynamic tables to create an invoice and send it via email.
With Tape’s built-in workflow automation, you can create and manage dynamic tables with your own variables, thus automating the entire invoicing process from creating the invoice to sending it via email to your customers.


When the 25th of the month arrived → then generate invoices with the PDF editor, add dynamic tables and email them to businesses.

Showcases for a head start

We highly recommend duplicating Tape showcases to get the most out of workflow automation. Once you have duplicated the showcases to your personal Tape organization, you can customize the showcases as you like without wasting time rebuilding them.

Duplicate showcase

  • Click here :point_right: workflow automation showcases
  • Click the Duplicate button at the top right
  • Only Tape users will be able to duplicate the showcase
    • Tape users who click duplicate and are logged into a Tape account will be able to duplicate the showcase in their personal organization
    • Anyone signing up for a Tape account via “Duplicate” will see an easier, shortened version of the sign-up process, so they can start even faster

Run the automation:

  • Click the workspace Finance in your left sidebar
  • Tap the app Companies
  • Click to open the record with the title “Acme Inc.”
  • Change the email from ENTER.YOUR.EMAIL@YOUR.DOMAIN.com to your test email-address
  • Go to the app Companies
  • Click on the ... menu next to the app name
  • Tap on Workflow automation
  • Select Generate invoices with the PDF editor, add dynamic tables, then email them to businesses.
  • Start a manual run on the selected record “Acme Inc.”

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