🟢 Share Multiple Workspaces

Hello! I really love that I can share a link to my workspace which others can use to install it to their own Tape organizations. I have a use-case where I would like to share a bundle of workspaces that are related to each other. Essentially, there is a “Projects” workspace with a lot of project data, but we have a few apps that are used in this workspace but should remain in an “Admin” workspace that only certain people have access to.

There is also a Sales side to this process which makes sense to keep in its own separate space - so once a sale is made it automatically flows to the Project space with data on what was sold.

I would love to be able to share all of these as a bundle rather than as individual workspaces which would then need to be manually linked up.

Hi @jacquelynmay, thank you for the great feedback and your feature request!

The ability to share multiple workspaces as a bundle is a great idea and aligns perfectly with our vision of building an industry-specific solution that can be installed multiple times for clients, including all automations and relations.

We will include this feature directly in our roadmap, and the timing of your suggestion is perfect. We can prepare the necessary stand-alone functionality directly in the new organization sidebar, which we are rebuilding due to the ongoing permission upgrade.

Until then, there is a small workaround that you may already know. If you drag and drop all apps into one workspace, you can move them to different workspaces after installation, and all relationships and automations will remain valid and unbroken.