⚪ Show profile 'last active' on hover

I love that we can see who is active online (green dot on profile image)

I would love the ability to see the following tooltip on hover:

  • active
  • idle
  • last active n minutes/hours/days ago

2023-10-15_ (3)

I use this often in our current program to check on my staff before reaching out to them as we have scattered working hours.


I would like this. However, I want to point out some concerns that have occurred with this feature on the Podio system…

It gets messy showing the “last active n minutes/hours/days ago” when a user is a member of multiple separate organizations.

More than once, when using Podio, we had previous clients who never removed our support user account from their workspace. Several months after the project ended, they called and they were angry that our team was ‘poking around’ in their system. I was confused and quite certain we had no reason to have logged into their system for months which my team confirmed.
In the end, the accusation was because of this tool tip showing the support user was ‘active’ but they didn’t realize that could be anywhere in the entire system, not just inside their account.

Of course, this can be avoided by better user management and leaving any space that is not currently in use. But still, it can cause some confusion if there is an old user that logs into a separate org.


Oh, wow! I can only imagine how confused you were when you received that call!

Per my understanding, in Tape, you have to have a separate login/account for each workspace. Not sure if this would be an issue with Tape being org-centric.


great point. With the Org Centric design in Tape this may be a non-issue here.


Hi @1F2Ns,

definitely a very valuable feature when working with others! Thank you very much for the request.
@CarsonRedCliffLabs that issue with former clients was certainly very confusing, but with the org centric approach indeed solved.

We definitely already have a live package for user activities and live avatars in record and apps on the roadmap, so adding idle and last active would definitely be very valuable.


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