SMS delivery using the RooR API

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently facing an issue with SMS delivery using the RooR API in automation , and I would appreciate your urgent assistance in resolving the matter

do to help of @Jason I was able to do the as you are trying.
Have a look at my screenshot…

Actually I want Integrate RooR with Tape for sending messages I use RooR ApI in my setting app and use in flow foe messages here is full pic of my flow you can see and let me know what’s wrong why messages not receiving

also in this pic you can see message notification but the message didn’t received


Hi @salman143

I have no knowledge of RooR however a couple of things:
do you have an extra space in your URL?

may or may not be an issue.
and what is the actual response saying?

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Can you help me how we convert Json object into string

You would use JSON.stringify(variable_name)

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