[✅ Solution] App permissions

I created an private app, I use this app for pulling the assets like css, images, api keys. and set to private not accessable to front users, only for admins. but when front users that is not in the private app process the automation sometimes it execute and sometimes does not.
this is the error:
app_no_permission: Actor with id 94187 and type WORKFLOW_DEF has invalid permission to access app 31472!

is it possible that if the users is not in the private app don’t have permission to execute the automation block? like I search the private app to pull the assets of css and images to generate the email/pdf


Hi @comfreakph … is this an error in the automation? Did someone try to update the automation, without access rights to the private app?

We experienced this as well and think, that editing the automation shouldn’t be allowed to users, which don’t have all necessary rights for all involved apps. Currently this breaks the automation, which we think is a bug.


Thanks @dirk_s, yes this is an error, the process failed. I think some one is editing the automation. will investigate. thanks again for the tips.