[✅ Solution] Automation: Copy Text to Multi line field between two apps

Hi Tape Community,

I’m trying to create an automation that takes the text from a multiline text in App Two and copies it to a multiline text in App One. A relation field (to App Two) in App One determines which text to paste.

I want to select more than one related record from App Two and copy all in the multiline text one after the other in App One. My problem is that my Automation is copying all the related, but it only keeps the last related item text. Here is the Automation I created:

Here is what happens when I run it:

What I’m expecting to get is this:

What do I need to modify on the Automation to get the results I’m expecting?

you need to add a counter variable for indication in what record are already read by the loop then add condition inside that loop sample logic below:

var counter = 1

for each record {
   //add condition here
   if (counter == 1)//update multiline text record 1 here
   if (counter == 2) //update multiline text record 2 here
   if (counter ==3) //update multiline text record 3 here
   //set your counter variable to add plus 1;
   counter = counter + 1

each loop at the end the counter will add plus 1;

Thanks for the reply @comfreakph

I tried your approach; however, it still does the same from the video above.

It copies the related text once, but keeps looping and overwriting until the last related text remains. I’m looking to get all the related text, one below the other in the multi-line text.

I found a solution!

All I needed to do was add the Collected record multiple texts and the current record multiple line text in the same “Set Value” inside the loop actions.

Since the loop action copies the text once per collected record and overwrites the content on each loop, the current record Multiple line text “saves” the copy of all the collected loops. Now, if I make edits to the text, it will be saved in the text field even if I change the related records.

I hope this helps.