[✅ Solution] Best practice: creating item that cannot be edited

Hi friends,

I am asking here so it is documented for others in the future.
What is the best way to create an item that reverts changes.

e.g. estimate app. If an item status is “approved” then revert any future changes made to the item.

I know I can update the item and set all of the fields to the previous values but if a new field is added in the future then it would need to be added here as well. Else, it can be edited.

How is everyone else handling instances like this?

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Hey John,
This is a good question. Currently, you only have two options:

  1. Always hidden fields that are displayed via calculation fields = readonly
  2. Create an automation that reverts any changes made to the record (could be user-based). This automation needs to be updated whenever you add a new field.

However, we already have implemented “view” (=readonly) permissions for workspaces, apps and records.

We cannot roll out the “Can comment” and “Can view” permissions because the Record UI elements are not capable of a readonly mode - we will provide these permission levels once we refactor the record UI! So it might be worth to wait it out :wink:

Cheers, Ben

Thanks a bunch.
I’ll hold off on this for the time being.

I want people to be able to edit records unless the status is ‘complete’. Then I want to revert any changes.

I know I can set this up with the automation. But if a new field is added then the automation needs to be updated.

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