[✅ Solution] Calculation in a new created record -> Triggers record updated right away?

I create a record via an automation. There is a calculation field in the record, which will create a result. Will the calculated result be the first “update” of the record - so triggering a “record updated”? Or is this calculation at the first time part of the “created” action?

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Hi @dirk_s,

calculation fields in Tape are asynchronous - while their result will be available almost instantly most of the time (around 50-200ms), they are indeed calculated after the record is created.

So your first statement is true - the calculated result will be the first update of the record. You can also leverage a “record updated” workflow there, and apply filters to ensure the calculation fields contain a value. This is useful if you need to react at the first point in time where the calculation result is available.

Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this topic.

Thank you & happy building