[✅ Solution] Can I search 3 different records from another app... and access them individually in an automation?

I would love to store different configs in an app (which I already do). To make the App a bit more generic, I would love to store the URL and tokens in seperate records - one for each integration.

However - I can’t directly access each records via the “collected…” variables?

I could imagine, that I could set up up by three times this loop:
1.) Search record
2.) Perform a calculation and retrieve the required data, place them in a local variable
3.) Clear the collected records?

Then its probably easier to stay with a single record, containing all the different fields?

Hi @dirk_s,

great idea to build a dedicated app for API config and parameters, this is pretty cool!

Indeed, your suggested way of searching, storing the values searching again, … etc. would be the way to solve this without code. With code, you might as well just search three times (it will add each search result’s records, which should be a single one per search, to the collection). Then you could programmatically access the field values from all records via the record collection array variable in a “execute script” action, and compose your final outputs there.

While that would work technically, I would suggest to stay with your current approach if the set of fields is static. Having dedicated fields for the individual config params/values just makes it more accessible and easier to wrap your head around and deal with.

Still, feel free to hit mit up if you would like to see the code solution, then I’ll compose it for you.


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