[✅ Solution] Clickable anchor element on calculation field from incoming related record

Here is a sample setup:

  • App A - Has a calculation field that gets an incoming related record URL from App B and shows it on the record. The @All of Record URL is a single-line text field that has the full URL of the related App B record. Here is the formula I used:

The result is:
Calc Result

  • App B - Contains a single-line text field with “Record URL” that is generated with automation.

I’m attempting to create an anchor link that, instead of showing the full URL, is a clickable hyperlink with a shorter text. Something like “Edit here”.

How can I do that in the calculation field while putting the variable value as the link?

Hi @Luis,
You can use markdown or html tags for generating urls, see image below



Hi @comfreakph,

Thanks for the help! I was able to do what you suggested, but that only works if the URL is static.

I’m trying to get the URL value from another app (App B) single-line text field and let a calculation field (on App A) create a hyperlink to the related record. I figured out how to get the full URL of the related record, but I haven’t gotten around to putting it inside the anchor like you did with the static link.

Is that possible to do on Tape?

Hi @Luis,
in your app b you need to add a hidden single field called tape_id, each new record is added update that field with record id in automation. This ID will be used in your redirection point.
in your url this will look like

var link = All of Record URL;
var url = "https://tapeapp.com/portfolio-lic/record/";

for(var 1=0; i<link.length; i++){
   url + link[i]; // you should have id field in here...

Hi @comfreakph

Your code pointed me in the right direction. Thank you so much! I found the solution to have an editable text hyperlink. Here is what it looks like:

var link = @All of Record URL;
var a_in = "<a href='";
var a_out = "'>Edit here</a>";
var url = "https://tapeapp.com/porfolio-llc/(workspaces/tasks/apps/app-one//main-modal:record/";

for (var i = 0; i < link.length; i++) {

a_in + url + link[i] + ")" + a_out


For this code, I decided to use the full URL of the record view because I wanted to keep the original app (in this case, App One) in the background instead of redirecting to the Tape focus page (when opening the “Edit here” link from App B). It worked fantastically well!

Thanks for the help!