[✅ Solution] Email and Phone from a Member in a calculation Field

Dear Community,
in my app “Development” I have created a member field.
How can I access the email address and phone number of the member in a calculation field?

Add automation for record create & record change, then you can just pull then information from “Member” fields and set it to some hidden (as needed) field. Then use that field(s) for calculated field(s).

Hope that help.


Thanks Andy, this is my solution at the moment. I had the hope that it is also possible in a calculation field.
I’ll try it with a feature request.


Indeed, that is only possible via an automation right now.

Calculation fields expose only the pure values of the fields - making them less powerful, but easier to reason about.

Automations are indeed a great escape hatch in that case, as @andyG suggested.

Happy building