[✅ Solution] Format collected data within a table?

Is there a way to format collected data within a table?

In an ideal world, I would be able to create a calculation that has data that is formatted.
I would then collect all the items and display them in a table.
The items in the rendered table would hold markdown formatting.

I am looking to accomplish this from the old program we use.

  • estimate app
  • line items (related items)
  • display on webpage for client approve

Your new way of solving this is much cleaner but I can accomplish this the same was as we did previously.

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Hi @1F2Ns,

thanks for your post here - and looks like a cool use case.

Just to make sure: Could you try to format your Calculation field using HTML? You find some infos on how to achieve that here:

In that case, the formatting should then also work inside of your generated PDF inside the workflow automations.

We can also check options for supporting markdown inside of the PDF generation as well, but currently that is not possible.

Let me know if that works!

Hey @Tim

I added some basic HTML for testing purposes.

It renders in Tape

But not in the PDF

Am I overlooking something here?

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Hi @1F2Ns,

let me check this and come back to you asap.


EDIT: Could you retry? Indeed there was an issue, where in some cases the HTML formatting was not applied. We deployed a fix a couple of minutes ago, that should resolve this. Let me know @1F2Ns! :slight_smile:

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The Tape team is so swift at resolving issues when they are brought to your attention.
I hope this never changes.

Calculations are now rendering HTML as expected.
The collected items are as well.

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If I collect from more that one app, can I display all of the results in one table?

EG. Estimate app w/ product items

  • Prod 1
  • Prod 2 (different app)

Collect items form prod 1 and 2 (from different apps) and work with them together? eg, display in a table, sort them, rollup for a total

I’m thinking that is is better accomplished with a calc in the estimate item and then calling it in automation but I figured I would ask for your opinion.

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Hi @1F2Ns,

very glad to hear - and thanks for your kind words. We need to be grateful to you for bringing this to our attention.

As you assumed, it is not possible to merge collections from different apps - as they are not really “comparable” anymore. One may do that using custom code though - if you need more info on that eventually, we could set up a call or I could provide you an example here.

Using a calculation is probably more straight forward currently, so I would also recommend to use that instead.

Really excited to hear how your use case is holding up in Tape.

Happy building & Cheers

I assumed so much BUT you have moved mountains in the past so I’ve learned that there’s no harm in asking. I appreciate the willingness to craft a custom solution but I don’t that it’s worth the investment of resources at this time.

We will use a calc on the item to call all related products to build a compiled list for display on the estimate proposal.

We will do the same to create a sum of all the items totals.

That is the current solution we have been using for many years so no need to fix something that isn’t broken.

As for our use case, Tape is the most flexible solution we have found and it gets better seemingly every month. Now that we have the new permissions rolled out, we are starting to develop automation and add functionality to our first rendition. I’m optimistically hopeful that we will be residing in Tape full-time before the end of the year :crossed_fingers: