[✅ Solution] How to create a table in a calculated field?

Hey guys,

I need help. I’m trying to build a table in html to display some fields of related items. I would like your help to understand if I’m on the right path? I’ve already made this table via Automation, but I want to do it directly in the calculated field so as not to consume an Automation just for that.

Have a look here:

You need to make sure to do “@All of related field with nulls” otherwise the table might display wrong if some of the related fields are empty


Hey @bruno.freitas ,
that looks pretty good! As you can see in the guide posted by @shir , the output of a calculation field is the last statement of the code. So instead of using console.log, you can simply put the variable containing the table HTML at the end:

var listaProdutos = @All of Descrição Produto;
var listaQuantidade = @All of Quantidade;
var html = "<table>";
html += "<thead><tr><th>Produto</th><th>Quantidade</th></tr></thead>";
html += "<tbody>";
for (var i = 0; i < listaProdutos.length; i++) {
  html += "<tr>";
  html += "<td>" + listaProdutos[i] + "</td>";
  html += "<td>" + listaQuantidade[i] + "</td>";
  html += "</tr>";
html += "</tbody>";
html += "</table>";



Does putting html at the end instead of console.log(html) solve your problem?

Cheers, Ben


There is a slight error in the code above. Instead of:

var html = "stable>";

It should be:

var html = "<table>";
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Well spotted @Luis - we corrected the mistake.