[✅ Solution] How to filter Get records of a view?

Here the app setup:

  • App A: contains client contact information with email field and filtered team views based on certain parameters (List 1, List 2, etc.)
  • App B: contains a multi select field with the names of the team views of App A. There is an automation with a conditional action that will check if the select fields match any or all of App A lists and then copy those values on a multi line text field.
  • App C: contains a log with a text field called “Recipient” which has the same email value from the client in App A (this value is added via a webhook).There is a “Relation” field that points to App B.

What I’m trying to do is an automation in App B that use the 🆕 Action · Get view · Workflow Automation to get one or multiple list from App A (that contains email addresses) and then filter that Get View against any relations from App C. The relation from App C contains an email address, so if that relation appears on App B relations then it should be excluded from the collected Get view automation. I tried doing the following automation on App B:

From my previous attempt I tried using the filter collected records and then tell to filter out any Emails (from App A) that “does not contain” any collected App C Recipient. However this shows me all the emails and is not filtering out the relations from App C.

For example, let’s say a list from App A contains 5 email address on List 3 view. On App B I “Get View” of List 3 via automation, but there are two matching email values on the relations coming from App C. In this scenario the filer should give me 3 emails accounts instead of 5.

I hope I explained this well. If you need to see the workspace to better understand what I’m trying to do send me a PM. Thanks for the help.

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Hi @Luis

First off I am not really sure why it is not working for you as when I try and duplicate what it looks like you re doing it works for me, however, I have a feeling it might be something to do with your APP C collection.

Anyway here is what I have done and and two options that seem to work for me:
I built a workspace with three apps:

Then APP B is a nothing app really just to run the automation from:

Option One

I have tried to duplicate your build:

I am however building my APP C collection in the conditional which should not have to happen there but as I don’t have the rest of your automation I can’t see yours.

Option Two

As I can’t see why your way is not working I thought I would give you a different way of (I think) achieving what you are trying:

the important part of the logs:

Let me know how you get on, if I have missed the point or the above doesn’t help then feel free to DM me with more detail.

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Resolving this thread here, as the follow up insights have been shared by @Jason and me here:

Just let us know if there are still open questions regarding this thread here.

Thank you &

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