[✅ Solution] How to shortcut link to redirect to any item?

Hi Guys
I created a shortcut link to redirect me to a related item using this url to my generated table https://tapeapp.com/tape/(focus//main-modal:record/${id}) but currently it was not working anymore.
any tips or suggest on how to build a shortcut link redirect to related item?


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Hi @comfreakph,

thanks for sharing your question!

You should be able to use the dedicated record URL that we also use for constructing the record URL tokens in workflow automations.

It looks like this:


It is easier to construct than the visible URL in the browser, and will redirect users directly to the record.

I hope that helps - let us know how it goes.

Cheers & happy building


For reference here, I might add this little markdown trick we like to use to make the links look nicer than a raw URL.

This is especially useful when our action is creating a new item in a separate app (like pushing from Leads App to a Deals App for example). We want to post a comment acknowledging the data movement and a link to easily go add additional details in the new Deal Item.

Doing this requires a “Created Item ID” which isn’t available in workflow automations as a direct @ variable…but you can access it in a calculation step and use that calculation as the ${id} part of the URL listed above.

Something like this:

And that will provide a nice looking comment with a clickable link like this:


Thanks a lot for sharing this @CarsonRedCliffLabs!!! :raised_hands: