[✅ Solution] How to use http call using http.post() in execute script

Hi Guys,
Does anyone use the http.post() to call an api? how to use it with form-data as body?

this is the curl script:

curl --location 'https://test@api.twilio.com/2010-04-01/Accounts/test/Messages.json' \
--form 'To="+61424236360"' \
--form 'From="+61488842466"' \
--form 'Body="test message"'

I want to use http.post() for better capturing of return result.


Hi @comfreakph,

we recently created a Twilio guide that shows how to consume that API and send SMS via Twilio from Tape:

Hopefully that solves your question.


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Than you so much @Tim it works now wew.

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