[✅ Solution] Reorder apps

Can someone please tell me why when I try to reorder apps I get message “no guest…” and can not edit sorting apps?

Hi Tomaz,

you pretty sure tried to move an app where guests are invited to a workspace where guests are disabled in the security settings (you can set this in the workspace settings in the security tab).
If you disable the setting or remove the guest, then it should work.


I had the same issue, and your solution fixed it. However, I don’t quite understand why the “Disable Guest” needs to be disabled to reorder the apps. That is a little confusing. Should I reenable the “Disable guest” once I reorder apps?

Hi @Luis,

first of all, welcome to the Tape community. We are very happy that you are here! :100:

Because of your posts I have tested again and now I can completely understand your confusion. It is clearly a bug! Preventing moving of apps should only happen when a user wants to move an app to which guests are invited to another workspace where guests are not allowed via the security settings.
For moving apps within a workspace the logic should not trigger of course.

@tomaz probably you also wanted to move apps within a workspace, so it was the same bug for you. Until the fix just enable guests when you want to move apps.

We will fix the issue and I will contact you here as soon as it is solved!

Thanks again for the report and sorry for the confusion!



Hi @Luis and @tomaz,

the fix for the drag and drop issue is live. After a refresh the message should only appear when trying to move apps shared with guests to workspaces where guests are disabled.

Thanks again for reporting the issue!