[✅ Solution] Save json to a field


How can I save a json from webhook to a field? I tried to save it in single field so that there will be no html tags will be included if I save it to a single field.

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Hi @comfreakph,

it depends on the size of the JSON. A single text field will be suitable for small JSONs, as it never alters the contents and stores it “as is”. However, the length will be limited and larger JSONs will not “fit”.

You can also use a multi text field that will allow for significantly larger values. Just remember to e.g. escape your content so it is not iterpreted as HTML, e…g using lodash.escape().

Another Tape partner, @dirk_s, asked a similar question in the past:

One might argue that Tape needs a “raw long text field” at some point. Feel free to create a feature request for that if you think it adds value.

Hope that answers your questions, @comfreakph.

Happy building

This is the feature request: ⚪ Raw long text field