[✅ Solution] Search shortcut for registry

Greetings dear TAPE friends

Doubt: Do we have a keyboard shortcut to quickly search for records?

example: letter “s” would enable the “search” field more quickly. Instead of clicking on the “search” field within the application

Hi @HugoSoares

⌘ + P
Ctrl + P

depending on your OS should give you what you are after.


haha ha

Hi Jason,

I would like to thank you for your attention and help.

Excellent tip for our daily lives

One detail that I found interesting is that with this same shortcut (ctrl + p) we have the option to “print on page” in Chrome and Firefox browsers.


The Tape one seems to override the system print shortcut or it does on all the devices and browsers I have used. so you should be okay as long as you don’t want to print the page (which would look rubbish anyway :wink: ) and if you do you can via the menu.

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Still waiting for the “h” short code I know from an ancient platform I used to work with. This revealed the hidden fields.

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