🟢 Split by - add more sorting options

Here you can see the current options: [UPDATE 🌟] View 'split by' options

Sort by

  • Creation date
  • Count

When I split the view by the name of the User for example - I would like to see the list ordered by their name… so basic Sort by “Value” would be nice to add.

So I could get something like:

Assigned to:

  • Aron: 7
  • Ben: 15
  • Cecilia: 3

Hi @martin, we have something similar and I think you just have to play around a little with split options or filters. Here is our example of what we have…
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 09.33.24

I don’t understand your comment.

I currently get the list ordered either by count or creation date.


If you know how to sort it by the name of the item (User in our case) - let me know.

Will try it without seeing your app.
First thing is to use filters: created on “today”, “yesterday”,… any filter you need in your case.
Than click on user to sort them by name.
On left side you will get unsaved view-save.
Save that filtered and sorted view and call it “today” or whatever you want.
Than click tree dots next to that view and use split by user and you will get the result you want.

This is hard without seeing your app, but this is direction that you should go.

You described it perfectly but I am talking really only about that menu on the left. That split-by list can be sorted (see the screenshot: sort-by) and I need that list sorted.

As the screenshot says - it can be sorted by “Count” and “Creation date” while we need to sort it by the name of the User. Count of the user-assigned items does not help, neither sorting by “Creation date”.

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Hi @martin,

thank you very much for your feature request.

I have fully understood your problem. You are currently using a relation field to link the “users” and you would like to sort a relation field split by the name of the related record and not by the creation date of the related record.

This is unfortunately a limitation of the relation field which we will solve. The problem is that the relation field can point to any field type. Also multiple nested with further realtion to e.g. the fourth app and there to a date field. This makes it extremely difficult to convert the title determined in real time for correct and performant sorting.
But we have the topic on the roadmap and will prioritize it with upvotes from your request.

You probably can’t use a member field instead? This would already give you exactly the functionality you need.


I demonstrated the issue by using Users and their names but our issue is actually not related to users but short description of Projects, Releases and other “real” related items.

The Member field works exactly as expected:)