TAPE AUDIT - REGISTRATION | Audit each item separately with its activity history

One issue that caught my attention was the audit of our “registrations”, when editing them they do not save the previous information in the “activities” carried out by the user.
ex: in the text field I typed the information “teste” and now I typed the information “teste123”. When looking at the “activities” it does not tell me what was the previous message typed by the user.

It would be fantastic to have this on tape, today we use it on the podium to audit our users and bring more security to the company’s processes. Do we have this possibility of implementation?

Hey @HugoSoares! Welcome to the community. Happy you’re here! :blush:

Thanks for bringing this up. We haven’t added it because not many people asked for it. But for sure I’ll mention it at our next meeting. Thanks for your input!


Making a brief comment on our request:

This helps us on a day-to-day basis with auditing the company’s processes in a very easy and transparent way for everyone.

Big systems don’t have this like SAP, where we always have to support (basis) to report some transaction recovery problem (in case something goes wrong).

I would be very happy if you put our request for implementation on tape, just fantastic.

Gratitude Leo


A history of changes is also something we use often. Especially when troubleshooting. I had overlooked this.