Title display differently in table to actual record

I have Covid brain so what am I missing please:
If I generate a ‘title’ from a number field or the unique ID field and a text field as an example:

@Order + ". " + @Name

I would expect the title field to become something like 1. name which it does in the actual record entry:

however, in the application view in the table or list, it doesn’t display the number:

now just to add to my confusion on a slightly more complicated name which pulls a number from a related record:

@All of Order[0] + "." + @Order + " " + @Name

this works as I would expect:
melotte.consulting 2023-10-11 at 06.42.10@2x

Can anyone tell me what I am missing, please?

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do you have related table?

Hi yes where I use that calculation there is a relation field. That one is working as I wish/expected. It is the simple one that is not displaying consistently.

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