Trigger 2 flows in differentes workspaces with automation

I’m trying to trigger a automation flow on a first workspace app, with a secundary flow in another workspace app and it is not working.
Let me simplify to you guys:
I have an App called A1 in a workspace called A, and there is another app called B1 in a workspace called B. I’m trying to create an automation using both of them and the first one is triggering the seconde one. But it is not working. Can anyone help me, please

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I’m finishing up something almost exactly like this.

App A → App B → App C + App D

I trigger a call in App A on update
I get my items from App B (related or search)
Then I trigger on external inside App B

Remember to check the ‘trigger automations’ setting if your daisy chain is not working as expected.

Writing everything on a sheet of paper helps me better visualize the flow when I start getting into more complex strings of automation.

(for example: Garment printing + shirt blanks + print method + artwork)

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