Trigger automatic field creation + Trigger automatic show/hide field

Hi all,

Is it possible to trigger the creation of an app field on automation currently in Tape?

Is it possible to trigger the show/hide feature of a field in Tape currently?

I believe these are not possible at the moment in Tape but wanted a confirmation if possible.

I found this related post [βœ… Solution] Trigger the automatic creation of Workspaces and Apps but it is not exactly the same.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @R.J

your guess is correct, currently the creation of fields or the setting of field options is not possible via the automations.
However, we are currently working on extending the API to include fields, so as soon as this is done you will be able to perform such operations via the script action through the API.

If you are asking for this functionality to conditionally show and hide individual fields for a user, the planned front end automations are the solution. Because with changing the field setting you would change the setting for all users.


Hi again @Leo,
Thanks for your reply. Alright, I’ll then wait for this to be released to check it.

For the show/hide, I was asking it to unclutter some apps to see or hide some fields depending on some cases.
For example, I don’t need to see a given checklist before a first call with a client. But I do need to have it there readily visible if the first call has already happened.


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