Trigger for "created or updated" // OR allow multiple triggers

It would be good to have a combined trigger “created OR updated” for an automation. Alternatively it could also be more than one trigger for an automation, please?

The workaround is to create three automations. One for “create” one for “update” and one with the code, being triggered by 1 or 2. A bit too much work around… I guess :wink:

We usually do:

  1. On create automation
  2. On update automation
  3. Are all other manual automation

This way we can call automation either on create or on update. Then it is just the matter of filters.

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Tomaz,
thanks… thats what I meant: Instead of 1 automation with a combined trigger, I need 3 automations. Thats more complex than needed and quickly overwhelming the overview of automations (especially as automations will be shown as cards).

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We use this same exact approach.

I agree that it can start to get cumbersome when many automations suddenly start to branch apart into three automations, but I also see it as a necessary evil.

The on create trigger is often universal, but the on update automation almost always requires specific filters to determine which updates should trigger this manually run automation.
Being able to see those separate filter rules as totally separate triggers can be helpful.

It does become important for us to label flows carefully such as using 1a, 1b, 1c to group them all together logically when branches like this occur.


Thanks, maybe it just can be both ways. In cases where an automation doesn’t differ between create and update, the “universal” trigger could help reducing efforts.

Also the presentation of the automation as cards ads could be improved at some time :wink:


I would agree.
And yes I’d love to see automations in a list view as well.