Trying to duplicate a large app with content results in "Duplication Failed, Please try again"

I am trying to create a duplicate of an app (an app from dev to demo workspace, including content). however i am getting an error each time. i tried with 2 different apps. is there a limit?
1 app has about 8K items and the other 15K items. each app has about 60 fields.

Looking into it right now, apps of this size should not be a problem. Maybe it is a complex relation-field or calculation-field setup.

Cheers, Ben


@shir we currently limit the duplication process to Apps with maximally 5000 Records.
We plan to do a refactoring of the duplication feature to support Apps without any size limits.

I will bring this issue up in our next team meeting!

For the moment you can work around this limitation by using the workflow automations:

  • duplicate the App without content
  • define an Automation with “on record creation” or “on record update” in the base App that creates the current record in the duplicated App
  • perform a manual run on all records in the base App

This will take some time for Apps of this size, but will result in a similar outcome :slight_smile:

All the best,