Update record with related record

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking assistance on a task I’ve been struggling with lately and I’m wondering if anyone has a solution or knows if it’s even possible.

I’ve been attempting to set up an automation without much success, and I’ll do my best to explain it concisely. Essentially, I want to establish a bidirectional link between two records when a relationship is added.

Here’s a concrete example: In my Contacts App, I have Record A with a ‘Company’ relationship field indicating the company the contact works for. Simultaneously, in the Companies App, I have Record B with an ‘Employees’ relationship field listing the employees associated with that company.

I aim to create an automation that triggers when I add an employee and specify the company they work for. The goal is for this automation to automatically update the company’s record by adding the employee in the ‘Employees’ relationship field. This way, both records in both apps are linked through their relationship fields.

I’ve attached some screenshots to help illustrate my request. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @aaron.p and welcome :slight_smile:

Might do the trick for you but it can get complicated and end up in loops if you check in multiple applications. You could look at adding some conditional bits to help that:

Also don’t forget you get the very good related section at the bottom of any record:

It is quite early for me so if I have misunderstood what you’re trying to do or I am unclear then please do say.


Hey Jason,

Thanks a bunch for your quick response! I appreciate it. I’m gonna dive into testing the solution shortly, but from a quick glance, it seems like just what I needed. Those conditional actions sound spot-on.