💡 Updated Tape NodeJS runtime (from v14 v18)

Target group:
Just a nice to know for calculation enthusiasts and workflow automation experts.
No action is required – it’s all taken care of.

What’s new:

As a nice add-on, all users can now leverage new APIs introduced in NodeJS v18, such as replaceAll: String.prototype.replaceAll() - JavaScript | MDN

Behind the scenes:

In order to provide the best performance and security to our users, we have upgraded Node.js from version 14 to version 18 over the past weeks and months. Extensive preparations have demonstrated that, aside from our own efforts, no action on the part of the user was necessary. As a result, all existing JavaScript code works, so no changes in calculation fields or workflow automation are necessary.

Within the JavaScript ecosystem, downwards compatibility is the default. Luckily, Tape runs fully on NodeJS (across all Tape servers including the code provided by users in calculation fields and workflow automations). We take pride in harnessing such remarkable open-source technology.

We will continue to provide you with this experienced and proven downwards compatibility in the future - saving all of us countless hours of headaches.

Some more tips on how to use the latest JavaScript features: [✅ Solution] Calculation fields best practices? - #3 by Tim