Upload multiple images via custom forms

I’m trying to upload images via a custom form sending data to a tape webhook and I have also tried via google form triggering a webhook to tape, I’ve got the form fields submitting no problem, but I don’t know how I am supposed to upload images from the form. I get the google drive id for that image as the webhook data from the google form and for the custom form the data comes through as base64. But how am i supposed to upload the multiple images from one field dorm, into one image field of the tape app?

Any help would be really appreciated!

Alternatively, I have a custom form I made that encodes the images in base64 and sends them through

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Hi @DB_Looper and welcome

I think this might help:

At least for the custom form one there is a couple of other conversions on the subject kicking around as well but I think that one is the clearest.
If you are still stuck let us know and I can try help more.



I can get that to work for singular images, But if someone uploads multiple images into a field form, it’s only processing the first image.

Yes, it can get a little complex with multiples, this thread talks about it and a solution at the end:

hopefully, that will help.