Use cases…

This is a great place to share ideas and for people to share their experiences.
Maybe similar to @1F2Ns post to share some love I would also love for people to share what they have achieved and how they use Tape…
I will go first:

  • we are using Tape in mobile phone stores: doing all sales, phone repairs, customer orders, contracts are coming in via email to app, even warehouse where phones are coming from one store to another…
  • car dealership: where all cars are bought, go through service, selling…
  • sport club where coaches use it for training and to check attendance (mobile and calendar view would benefit), for games, monthly invoices,…
  • currently working on: woodworking process from office offers to final delivery of you new doors or kitchen and all between. Again mobile for workers on field would be match made in heaven.

Just a small peek of what is possible to do in Tape in a month. Thanks for the opportunity to make this possible.
And the best part is when people are using it and they get used to it and would like some new stuff. It can be done :heavy_check_mark:


Super neat idea!

  • web agency: project management
  • print/sign shop: art proofs/production/job tracking
  • marketing firm: contracts/clients/meeting minutes
  • nonprofits: financials/road map/contacts/notes/legal