Let's show the Tape team some love ❤️

There isn’t a general chat, so I’ll post it here.
We are a community after all, right?

I’m so impressed with everything the Tape team has (and continues) to accomplish. The speed of development is unmatched. They are hungry for success and we get to help shape the future of this product every step of the way.

I thought it would be nice to create an appreciation post where everyone can send the team some love for their tireless efforts.

Is it the speed at which they resolve bugs, or how they listen to us, the community? Maybe it’s simply how reliable the platform is in general. What do you appreciate about Tape and the amazing team of developers behind it?

Don’t be shy. Let them know in the comments :point_down:


I’ll go first. The Tape team’s remarkable ability to cater to a wide range of use cases is truly praiseworthy.

What sets them apart from other communities I’ve helped build and shape is their unwavering commitment to adaptability and flexibility. They prioritize and promptly release community-driven use cases, going above and beyond their own agenda. I don’t feel like our relationship is simply transactional and I hope that never changes. Keep kicking ass gentlemen! :trophy:


Ok I will go 2nd…
Last year I created an account just to look around… and we look away and stick to previous platform because some key features were missing which we needed at that time.
Then after almost a year… I was blown away what are we missing and how long it will take us to find how we can make our work process even better with this one. Still blows me away almost every time I try something new.
I just hope enthusiasm will continue to grow and for community to be helpful to each other. We can learn from each other and things will be easier for all of us.

Bens words are still echoing in my ears… KEEP TAPING :100::fire::muscle::rocket:


Coming from another app that shall remain nameless (ten years with them), I am so glad I decided to move everything to Tape. Recreating all the automation took me a while, but everything is running great and even better than before.

The community is terrific and is encouraging to share workflows and help other users figure out the fantastic platform.

I am looking forward to all the future improvements. Glad to be on board.


I guess I accidentally posted this on my Tape anniversary.
Hard to believe all of the new functionalities that are here now :exploding_head:



The Tape platform is remarkable and there are too many good things to even list in my opinion.
But my #1 praise is the REALISTIC OPTIMISM that the Tape team consistently shows.

By this I mean that Tape does not simply act as a ‘yes man’ and agree to every single idea thrown out in this community even if the reality is that they don’t plan on working on that feature. But they also acknowledge/accept the new ideas and have a transparent process of voting for features on the roadmap and consistently releasing exciting new features that the community asks for.

This is plus their clear communication is certainly reason that I’ve come to love and trust the Tape Team. Thanks guys!


I’ve never seen anything like this before, @1F2Ns. What an amazing idea! That’s why I’d like to share my thoughts too. I might not be as experienced as many of you, but I know this community is special.

From my perspective, there are two primary reasons for the positive vibes here:
First, a big thanks to you! The community experts. Your ideas and experiences have taught me so much in such a short time.
Then, there’s the Tape Team. They make me feel like they’re one of us, not just the tech team behind everything.

Since my team started working with Tape, everything just feels right. Thank you to everyone for letting me be a part of this unique community.