Verify if the record already exists on the table

Hey guys! I’m new around here and i’m having some troubles with automation. First I’m trying to check if the record i’m creating already exist inside my table. But it keeps creating a collect with the record I just created. Instead of excluing it and checking the others records. To simplify things, I need to see if there is an record equal as the one I just created

Hi @matheuscarvalho and welcome.

Would this work for you:

Let me know, we can delve deeper if you need.


Welcome @matheuscarvalho
Much like @Jason mentioned here, my approach would be using a filter using a Record ID and stating that the ID of the items you search for cannot be equal to the record ID of the newly created item triggering the flow.

In Jason’s example he shows using Name as the field that does match when searching other records in the app…but depending on your use case that could be any number of things (depending on what type of records you are searching for)

I’ve done this before where we search for a phone field that contains the phone number entered in our new record. Or it might be an inventory part number that matches and you are trying to avoid duplicate part number entries…just adjust that piece to your scenario.

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