After discussion with Stefan from Tape, he suggested to share our case in the community and see if there is any idea how to solve the problem.

We are working with many freelancers who do not need to have a regular membership (paid) in Tape because the only thing they do is creating and submitting new timesheet record. It is roughly 9000 records per year.

The ideal solution would be if there was Tape webform where freelancer can be autheticated by his login+password (or google account) and be able to select project and product he is working on (from tape database), indicate time duration of his work, date of work and submit it.

Very similar thing can be done in Podio if combined with Procfu app.

Stefan suggested, that we should find a way how to use Google forms and Tape together.

Has anybody done that in a way that Google form will fetch data from Tape?

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Hi @Miro,

We are also using ProcFu with Podio at the moment and its that last touch that we need in Tape to make our migration easier. However, if all you need is to receive the timesheet records, why reinvent the wheel? what you can do is just build a similar workspace in Tape to that you have in Podio and create a one way sync that will copy the Timesheet changes from Podio to Tape. you can also do another sync for the Products and Projects app that will update the changes you Make in Tape back to Podio.

I am pretty sure that in no time Tape will come up with something that will give us similar capabilities to ProcFu, but this might be a good workaround in the meantime…

Good Luck!


Hi, do they need to be ‘Authenticated’ or can you use a prefilled form? in other words, Tape could generate a form link specifically for each freelancer when they completed their timesheet and submitted it Tape would then be aware it had come from the relevant Freelance and attach it to their record, This can be done with Zoho forms and I believe Google forms and probably most of the others.

If it actually needs some form of authentication then that is more complicated but should be possible but would need every freelancer to have an account with Google if using Google Forms. Or you maybe could use a simple Netlify site with single sign-on authentication and push forms from there


Thank you, but using Tape and Podio at the same time does not make sense. Podio and procfu can satisfy our needs now, but I would like to leave Podio because I do not trust their pricing policy and possible future changes


Thank you, we I was considering similar thing. The drawback is that the form can be submited with wrong ID and then not alocated to freelancer. Freelancer will then loose his timesheet or can get notification about worng input and get second chance to do it.

Our freelancers have google accounts and it would be perfect if they can get first autheticated and then fill and submit timesheet

@Miro I haven’t really used Google Forms very much however I have just had a quick look and in settings for each form, you have this:

This I believe means you can force people to log in to their Google account before completing the form and then you can send the email address of their Google account along with the other information to Tape do a search through your freelancer records and match on the email.

So unless I am missing something you should be good to go