⭐ When a field is newly created, don't automatically add it to all views

when I create a new field, the default behavior is to add it to all existing views. many times I don’t want that to happen since the field is a field that no one needs to see. the problem is that if I have 50 Users each with 20 own Private views, its nearly impossible to get the new field out of all the views.

to overcome it we used in the past to create the service field toward the end of the record, but I wonder if there is a way to either not add new fields to existing views by default, or at least have an option to control it?

Thank you!

Hi @shir,

First of all: welcome to our community! We’re happy to have you.

Totally understood your described case - that can be cumbersome in such situations. We noted your feature request and will discuss it in our next product team meeting in a couple of days.

I will come back to you and keep you posted.

Thanks for your input & efforts!

Cheers & happy building


I can also see where this would be beneficial to previously saved views. Great idea.

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