🟢 Workflow layout options - list or cards

I searched and did not see this mentioned before so I apologize if it has been mentioned already.

I love the workflow and all the power it brings.
I do forsee a management issue as we start to build things out.
The cards are large and ~6-9 of them are going to fit on my screen at a time.
Also, I cannot reorder them.

I perpose the ability to switch to a list view.
This is better in my opinion because we can set the items up in a way that they are executed.

Previously, we had set them up with a naming system to keep everything in working order.

A list would be a great addition for a UX foundation.
Maybe format the layout like you do the items in the apps?
If a list is out of reach, smaller cards would be a good start.
But who am I kidding - if you never make another update Tape would still blow every other product out the water!

You are absolutely right with your feeback @1F2Ns . I just opened the roadmap of our “Automation center” and the list view and the alphabetical sorting are exactly the two features that will be developed with next higher priority when we continue with it.

As is so often the case, we had to switch to developing higher demand featues first. Simply reducing the card size would unfortunately cut off longer titles, so we would have to adjust the complete sizes - but optimizing the views has the highest priority in the further development of the “Automation Center”. And your point matches 100% with our opinion!

And thank you very much for your big praise, it encourages us to make even more updates to implement such great feedback directly! :rocket:

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@Leo It’s not a pain point for me at this time so no need to make it a priority on my account.

Seeing as I am invested in the product for the long-term, I have a responsibility to share things I would take note on if I was a project manager.

You and the rest of the team get the highest of praise from me.
It is very refreshing to work with a team as passionate and hungry as I am.