💙 Ability to bulk unfollow items

There have been several times when I could really benefit from the ability to bulk unfollow items within a Tape App.

Situations such as when I’ve duplicated an app full of content. Or I’ve worked closely with a client to make edits on many items in one of their apps.
But then later on I’m not actually involved in the day to day work of those same items within Tape.
I don’t want to just leave the workspace as I have other valuable work still happening there…however I frankly don’t care about the item updates occurring on hundreds (or thousands) of individual leads.

Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

thank you very much for this feature request, this is really a very valuable idea! Could well be that this is a low-hanging feature that we can implement with the new bulk edit overlay.

Thanks again and best regards


Or simply an API call to stop following all records of an app.

Thanks @CarsonRedCliffLabs for this great feature request! We just released it today.
Check out details here → 🆕 Bulk follow and unfollow records


Love it! thank you for continuing to listen and progress Tape’s functionality. This will be very nice to have