🟢 Allow Relation fields to be set as single / multiple choice in already created apps

HI Tape Team!

We noticed that, after a relationship field is running as multiple choice, we cant edit this field to single choice, neither turn a single relationship field into a multiple relationship field.

Would like to understand how to set this change after the fields are already in usage. I undestand this type of change may be delicate if we already have multiple values in a field, but it is important to understand if we have any workaround for changing this field setting or if we must create a new one and update through upload.

Warm regards from Brazil!

Hi @toni,

thanks a lot for your feature request. Yes you are absolutely right, because the realtion field is very delicate it is a dedicated feature called a field converstion, because in a badge job the database properties have to be changed.
But we have already rolled out some field converstion for other fields and with your request the conversion from single to multi relation and vice versa moves forward in the roadmap!
We are evaluating the development time and I will get back to you here with an update.

But in the meantime there is an quite easy way with the automations. Just create a new relation field as single or multi and with a manual run copy the relations from the existing into the new field and after successful migration delete the no longer needed field.
If you copy from a multi to a single relation field, then the first relation in the mulit relation field is set.

Cheers and warm regards back from Munich!