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Hi there!
We use a list of big B2B-orders, their values, order date and shipping date to have an overview of them. If I use the “show in calendar” function I can obvisously see the records in the sidebar calendar, but this also shows other calendar records from other apps.
For a better overview, I’d prefer a calendar view option based on one of the date fields in the records. Since it’s possible to show in the sidebar calendar I assume this should be possible to implement :slight_smile:
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We’ve had a few needs for a Calendar View within a single app as well. Currently using a webhook post to Zapier to integrate a special Google Calendar to see all the info we need in a calendar there

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Hi @joschkalang,

thank you very much for the feature request and your detailed insights to your use case. And thank you @CarsonRedCliffLabs for providing your workaround to bridge the time until the release.

I’ll check your request from the development side and try to find the best possible solution we can place on the roadmap and get back to you here.


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Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs ,
I’m currently trying to connect a Tape App with my google calendar, but struggling with webhooks (pretty new to this topic).
Could you maybe screenshot your Tape Automation and Zap so I can get an idea of the steps?
Best regards, Josh

Hi @joschkalang - I actually posted a short video demo on another thread here about connecting to Zapier and used a calendar example.
A single screenshot can’t fully capture what is needed.
Check out this video and let me know if this gives you the help you need:


Calendar view would be great for my new client of mine who is currently migrating from Podio