💙 Create a link to jump inside the same record

Create a Nav Menu with links to jump to different field in the same record.

First of all, welcome to our community, @Emily We’re very happy to have you.

We can understand your feature requests. Especially for very long records, jumping with an anchor link would be helpful. This has already been mentioned to us by partners and users. However, we have not implemented this yet, but it is planned in our roadmap.

Maybe, for the moment, it might be helpful. A crucial element that greatly improves usability is the use of section breaks and headings, especially in apps with many fields.

In the article, just click “Cheatsheet”, then click “duplicate” (button at the top right), and you’ll have this template with all calculation fields in your own organization to customize headings or section breaks for yourself.

Click here for the article: How to build section breaks & headers

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@Emily, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just released an updated version of Tape that includes this feature you requested.

To create a link inside the calculation field, you can use Markdown:

[Full Name](#name_33604) • [Department](#department) • [Address](#address)
### [Full Name](#name_33604)
### [Department](#department)
### [Address](#address)

I wrote a tutorial how you can use this new feature to create a link to jump inside the same record, you can check it out here: https://community.tapeapp.com/t/create-a-link-to-scroll-to-a-field-inside-a-record-via-the-calculation-field/342


@Ben @Leo Thank you for this update! Makes my life easier.