How to build section breaks & headers

One crucial element that greatly improves usability is the use of section breaks and headers. Especially in apps with a lot of fields.

With the calculation field you can manage section breaks and headers.


Get the showcase:
Duplicate this showcase with all calculation fields

  • Click here :point_right: Cheatsheet
  • Click the Duplicate button at the top right
  • Every Tape user will be able to duplicate the showcase
    • Tape users who click duplicate and are logged into a Tape account will be able to duplicate the showcase in their personal organization
    • Anyone signing up for a Tape account via β€œDuplicate” will see an easier, shortened version of the sign-up process, so they can start even faster

:bulb: One minor issue to note is that when you add a new record, the section group headings are not visible. Instead, you see β€œβ€”β€. Once you save the new record for the first time, the section group headings become visible.

If you think this should only be a workaround for headers.
Tape’s record is on a mission to reinvent itself from scratch. :bug:β†’ :butterfly:

Please provide missing features or annoying workarounds to be better replaced with new features β†’ ✨ Feature Requests - Tape Community


I really love that we can share things and deploy them so quickly. That is such a neat feature in Tape.