2023 Year in Review ✨ & what's next 🔮

2023 was a big year for Tape, both as a product and company.
We reached a huge milestone: thousands of new users have joined Tape. Throughout the year, we released our biggest updates yet and shipped plenty of new features and improvements. And the best part of 2023 - the community is growing like never before.

Let’s recap the year, focusing on some highlights.

Feature releases:

Feature releases based on top-voted webinar polls:

Some of this year’s improvements:

Community starts growing in 2023:

As we started with Tape, we aimed to create a future home for a strong community voice, that builds a sense of belonging and support for all of us.
That’s why the highlight for us this year :tada: has been the growth of Tape’s community, attracting the best app creators, workflow automation designers, calculation enthusiasts, and API developers around the world.

Support among its members

We would like to thank all our community supporters who answer questions from other users. This gives us extra time to develop new features for everyone.

Especially we want to mention: @1F2Ns, @Jason, @Luis, @andrew.cranston, @dirk_s, @CarsonRedCliffLabs, @jacquelynmay, @shir, @tomaz, @comfreakph, @joelhall, @Hans,
for their special support and help this year! But, of course, all others who participate, ask questions or report bugs help us enormously in making Tape better every day!

Next year, we will try to direct all incoming requests across our channels to the community. This will leverage collective knowledge for better answers and help grow Tape’s content library for all of us.

Content to engage with Tape

Thank you for sharing guides, best practices, and all the resources that help us learn from each other and get more out of Tape. This is just a selection of them; there are so many brilliant pieces of knowledge created this year:

Giving us superpowers

We’re very happy to be part of this ingenious community, learning daily how Tape can make life easier. Your support and motivating comments this year have been unforgettable, driving us to improve Tape every day. Thank you!

Tape’s webinar series starts

After receiving some requests, we launched our first webinar for experts in September. This was followed by October and November sessions with @Ben & @Tim, who shared deep insights into Tape’s daily operations, our current developments, and topped it off with a Q&A session. Believing in the importance of interactions with Tape’s technical founders, we warmly invite you to our upcoming event :point_right: 🗓️ Jan. 25th Live Demo and Q&A webinar for advanced users

Technology partner

Tape works best when it’s connected with the other tools that power your work. Tape technology partners help build those integrations – connecting workflows, driving productivity and delighting our joint users. We’re starting collaborations with our first technology partners, and this is only the beginning – there’s much more to come in 2024:

What’s next

All our attention is focused on developing a new technology for Tape. Think of this technology as a canvas where you can add blocks. A single building block can be fields, embeds, images, etc. This innovation is key to making dashboards and webforms outstanding and will reinvent Tape’s record from scratch, packed with a fresh, user-focused design and a groundbreaking level of customization. We will also work hard to improve our mobile app in 2024.

Join the conversation about the topics here:

At the same time, will focus even more on Tape’s ecosystem and launch the Affiliate Partner Program first. Follow for updates here → Referral Link?

Last but absolutely not least: A big, warm THANK YOU! :star2:

We’re grateful to every single user and everyone who shares our story for helping to grow Tape’s remarkable community. Thank you for making everything so enjoyable with you.
We wish you a joyful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2024, filled with unexpected and surprising moments, good health, satisfaction, and joy for you and your family.

Your Tape-Team.

PS: Please note that our support response times may be slower than usual until January 2 - but we’ll be here for you :black_heart:


Thank you for a fantastic year, @TapeTeam & Community! Looking forward to next year. Can’t wait to test out the new features and share the experience. Happy Holidays @all!

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Y’all kick ass! I’m super excited to ba a part of a growing product that values us as partners, and not just paychecks. Remember to take notes for your upcoming book on how to build an empire :raised_hands::trophy:


Thank you so much for your support this year!
Happy holidays🎄

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