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Would it be possible for a date field to be recurring? e.g. same date each year, each month or, e.g. third Thursday of the month?
thanks, Matthew

Hi @Matthew

thank you very much for your feature request. Setting repeating serial dates directly on the date field is definitely a very valuable addition that we have already thought about and will now evaluate in detail.
Currently many users build this with the automations. With the on shedule trigger you can set exactly on which days it should trigger to create appointments for example. Or the when a date arrives trigger to create another appointment when the current one has arrived.

Thanks again and best regards

HI @Leo thanks for responding, and this makes sense. I have now had a look at Automations, and am in the process of setting one up (to pull a list of the titles of related records). I think that it’s probably the best solution for dates too, so thanks.
best, Matthew

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Hi @matthewcock,

our valued community member @1F2Ns has created a really outstanding template for recurring tasks. That might solve your problem or at least will give you a head start if you would like to create one. :100:



Hey @matthewcock

Here is a link to a workspace I put together. It has a task app and a recurring task app. If this does not cover your needs it will be a great starting point for you. Let me know if you have any questions but I made sure to use Tape to nest everything so it’s easy to follow on the backend.


Wow thank you so much - this looks amazing, and I will definitely find a load of uses for it - and I expect lots of people will too! I think that the Tape community is just brilliant!


Thanks Leo for sharing - I’ve downloaded, and am sure I will have loads of uses for this!

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