Task App and Recurring Task App

Hello everyone,

I’m thrilled to introduce a solution I’ve been diligently working on. Introducing a revolutionary task app, where all your tasks find a home. We’ve taken this approach to foster effective teamwork, ensuring everyone on the team is aware of what’s happening and can lend a hand if anyone needs support. #teamwork

This workspace features two apps:

  1. Task App: The central hub where you can effortlessly manage all your tasks.
  2. Recurring Tasks App: A dashboard app that allows you to assign new tasks.

Tasks are displayed prominently on your profile’s homepage and automatically disappear once they’re completed.

To explore this remarkable workspace, simply follow this link. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this app helps improve your productivity.

Thank you!



Hi @1F2Ns,

this is truly a real masterpiece! :trophy:
I love the Active and Paused status from the automations directly in the record with Play, Pause and Stop plus the idea with Individual Task and Group Task. Think we will use this in our own Tape organization too! :100:

From a product point of view I think it’s great that the user doesn’t notice the complexity in the background (nesting depth 7 in the automations), which is always a challenge!

Many thanks for this outstanding solution!


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Wow thanks a ton @1F2Ns, mind-blowing!!! :exploding_head:

Extremely grateful you shared this!!!

Maybe we could related this to yesterday’s post from @LeoHow to handle team tasks

Thank you very much, you absolute beast!! :raised_hands:


Thank you for the kind words @Leo. Definitely take a look over my work. I have not used this in the wild so my testing is rudimentary at best. My hope is that someone else can take it as a foundation and expand upon it further.

@R.J that is a fantastic idea. I know not having tasks the way I was used to was a pain point of my teams. Hopefully this solves that for a lot of new and old members alike.

I spoke with the team and they do not anticipate the app hitting a ceiling or any hard limitations -please confirm this again.