💙 Default values for fields - especially for required fields?

Hi there,

currently it’s not possible to define default values for fields - at least I haven’t found it.

Setting default values with an automation could be a viable workaround. However the creation trigger in an automation fires only after the record was created - and a record where a required field is not filled cannot be created.

Is that topic somewhere on the roadmap or backlog or is it completely unimportant for others?

Thanks, Oli


I would also benefit from default items. In the past the first list item is usually defined as the default.


Hi @jakoubek, hi @1F2Ns,

thank you for your valuable input! You already found out a workaround for this, which exactly like you stated is not a full replacement though.

At the moment it is not possible to set default values for individual fields, but due to their nature it is definitely planned that we add real default values for status and select fields, as that feature makes a lot of sense i.e. in case they are required.

In the meantime, you could check out our Record templates feature, that allows you to set default values for all fields of a record at once. They are quite powerful:

In addition, we are thinking of providing users with the option to set a default template (that fills the record when the regular NEW button is clicked) in the future. Be sure to let us know whether that would be something valuable for you as well, after having checked out the templates feature.

Thanks for your thoughts & great day to you


I would have never even attempted to ask for default values, let alone templates! I need to scrub my mind and start thinking outside the box as I know it.

Not sure if I can edit a template after it’s created or not. If ot, that would be very valuable for me.

Really cool use case I see here! We’re a marketing firm. We write up a lot of estimates and have an expansive number of items. We currently have an app with a material type (adhesive, banner, …) we then have a category with the different types of adhesive (reflective, car wrap, full color, …). We currently add in the material costs and then calculate the markup dependent on the selected category. I could potentially skip all of the calculation and define all of the predetermined values for each template. Then if a cost goes up, modify the template. Hell, I could have anyone modify the pricing at that point.

You are checking all the boxes we’ve needed and more! I’m very impressed and extremely excited for what the future holds!


@1F2Ns very glad to hear, and thanks for the kind and encouraging words!

Sounds like you already built quite a sophisticated use case. Record templates will hopefully make things even easier for you to implement now.

Templates can be edited after they are created. Indeed, they behave much like regular records, and you even get a change history and the option to comment.

Let me know if you have any questions re templates, or further suggestions on how to improve them.

Happy building!

Cheers from the team

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Hi @jakoubek

very good news! We are developing in this sprint a complete template upgrade that includes the definition of a default template that will be used as default on creation when clicking the normal create button. This should solve your problem with default values in any case.

I will write you here when we have released the upgrade! :rocket:

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Hey @Leo

sounds promising. Will test it when it’s released.

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Hi @jakoubek,

we have implemented your feedback and recently released an update - after a refresh it will be available for you. Now you can define a default template for each app that will be used as default on creation when clicking the normal create button. Hope this solves your problem with default values.


Learn more about how to use record templates →