[DONE] No visible delete button

It might be that I am just not familiar enough with the UI yet but I’ve just created this app via an excel import. I am trying to delete some of the records but I can’t see an obvious delete button. Am I missing something?

Video Demo:

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Hi @Martin_E

I think you will find it on the far right of the bar that pops up, you will need to collapse your apps on the left, hopefully making it visible. The feature is still in beta: 🆕 Bulk edit in table for single select and status field - BETA


It still doesn’t show. I guess it’s because there are so many columns though. I can just use automation for now. Thanks!


Hi @Martin_E,

@Jason is right, this is a known issue that we will fix in the coming days. Unfortunately, the beta version is still missing the show more logic and the maximum width to support any number of fields.

I will write you here as soon as the update is live.



@Martin_E we’ve released a new ··· menu. Now, it’s super easy to use the trash icon for deleting records.

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