[DONE] Some 'split by' sub-views not loading properly

video description linked below

We love using the view ‘Split By’ options for many cases. Generally they work well, but we’ve had a few instances where they don’t seem to take us to the correct (or any) data filtered down in our table.

The current example is one that shows leads with unfinished tasks (or checklist items)
To achieve this view, we have to split by a calculation field that shows the ‘Earliest Incomplete due date’ as described in this other forum post.

The resulting filter shows the correct count (and full table at the main view level). It even shows the correct count per month in the ‘split by’ view lines.
But when clicking on the individual split by sub filters, no data is showing in the table making it hard to drill down.

See video example here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

thank you for reporting this, and for the detailed info (as usual with your reports). Will attempt to reproduce this issue, and let you know once a fix is available.

We appreciate your support!


@CarsonRedCliffLabs was able to reproduce this using your great and detailed report.

This had been a bug on our side. We deployed a fix a minute ago - kindly confirm that this works properly now. :innocent:


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Thanks @Tim. We’ve checked again and the fix has worked. Sub Views are all loading properly for us now.
Thank you!


Happy to hear and thanks for your quick feedback! :partying_face: