[DONE] The filter step within a Get Related action fails

We need to build a flow in App A that checks for related items from App B, then takes an action in App B only if the status of the collected item in App B = Open.

For some reason, the flow fails anytime we use a filter within the ‘Get related records for the current record’ action of our flow.
See screenshot example below:

Without that filter, it does fine to get related and take action on each one…but the filter is a critical piece for the desired flow and it just tells us the unhelpful error message of “Action execution failed with error: [500] unknown: An unknown exception occurred”

Any ideas how to fix this flow so it works properly?

@CarsonRedCliffLabs this is similar to my issue Right here
I also couldn’t get it to work with filter on related.
Still looking for a work around.

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Yes @tomaz very similar.
As I play with it further, it seems I am able to get the desired result if I put a conditional action within a Loop action after the get related action.
That appears to be what @Jason did in his suggestion to your previous request as well.

I’m just not understanding what the value/correct use is for the ‘Filtered Records’ choice within a Get Related step if it’s not actually filtering down to the desired subset of related items.

@CarsonRedCliffLabs what if you try something like this:

Get all the related records and then use a conditional to filter.


Thanks @Luis - yes that approach does ultimately get there for the scenario described.

Still would like to figure out using the Filtered Records choice within the Get Referenced section because we have some other more complex scenarios that would really benefit from that approach. Adding the extra Loops, Conditional Actions, calc fields to store then use only the desired related item ID’s, etc gets messy fast


@CarsonRedCliffLabs thanks for sharing your issue - and also thanks into the round for finding a workaround so quickly! Solving issues together collaboratively is one of the most amazing benefits of having such a great Tape community! :partying_face:

:point_up_2: Nevertheless, this seems like it might be an issue on our end. I’ll investigate on the get related records with filters, and will attempt to reproduce and fix the issue. Will keep you posted here.

Cheers & enjoy your Friday everyone

:mega: Update: This was indeed an issue on our end, that would only occurr for the get related action with using a status field filter. Thanks to @CarsonRedCliffLabs for reporting this, and once again for delivering such an accurate and helpful report. This allowed us to resolve the issue quickly.

Fix is already live, and your flow should now run as expected. Let me know how it goes!

Cheers & happy weekend once it arrives