💙 Edit comments

Allow commenter to edit comment after it is published.
Having a changelog of edits would also be beneficial.


  • Typos.
  • Forgetting to include some information.
  • Editing for clarity or formatting issues after publishing.

Remember to vote for any features if you would like to see them released. You can also remove votes from released items so you can vote on other items that are being considered.

Hi @1F2Ns

thank you very much for the request! The editing of comments I would also very much like to prioritize!
As so often the priority of other features was so far higher, but if the votes continue to rise so we can release it soon!

And the use cases you described have all hit me already too :100:


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@1F2Ns - thank you for the great suggestion.
And @all for so many upvotes.

As the top-voted feature from our last webinar poll.
Now, the comments can be edited. See more details here → [UPDATE 🌟] Edit comments


Love this Leo!!

Also, this is me reminding everyone to unvote on features that have released.