Global Assets

Hey team I only have a few minutes to do this before my next meeting so I’m just going to brain dump on you really quick.

We created a global assets app with one item inside of it.
We call these assets elsewhere to save time when they need to be updated (eg. moving to a new location)

I hope this sparks some ideas and helps someone.

Brand colors
NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

  • App with one item
  • get it on in the automation
  • use the assets as needed
  • works fantastically


Love this.
I can vouch it works great. We did something similar in Podio often, calling it a Master Settings or Configuration app. Always just one item in it. Then for flows that used company data it would always look up that one item, get the current info, and plug it into the templates or automations.

This can save SO much time when changes occur and you would otherwise have to go back and update a company Address field or Primary phone number in who knows how many different automations.


Niiice! We had to update everything when we moved to a different building a few years ago. It was a headache trying to find all the little touch points that needed updating.

We also kept our external CSS on our server and then called it. This is the first time I thought to try to call it from within the program itself. So far, so good.